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Price Guide

Cutting & Styling Services

(Please note that the prices below are all from, thick or extra long hair will be charged at a slightly higher rate)

Cut & Finish - From £30.00

Restyle & Finish - From £ 35.00

Creative Hair Up Styling - By Quotation

(There are so many different levels of hair up that a price can only be offered after a consultation. Although a rough price can be given once you connect with Jeana via telephone ,email or the contact page )

Children's Hair

Girls 6 and under - From £15.00

Girls 12 and under - From £20.00

(Please note Jeana is happy to cut your child's hair but it is only viable for her to do so when others in the household are having services carried out)


Yuko Long Lasting Treatment - From £45

Wedding Hair Trials

Bride's Hair Trial - £50.00

Bridesmaid's Hair Trial - £40.00

Flower Girl under 7 Years - £25.00

The Big Day

Bride's Hair - £60.00 - £85.00

Bridesmaid's - £40.00 - £65.00

Flower girl - £20.00 - £35.00

(Prices do not include the cost of additional hair pieces, or wedding hair accessories)

Prom Hair - By Quotation

Technical Services

Yuko Straightening - From £190

Yuko Frizz Free - From £100

(Please note that a definite price can only be given after a consultation)

Full Head Highlights - From £60.00

Full Head Highlights with Tint or Glossing - From £70.00

(Standard highlights with extra colour applied to the hair left out between the foil or meche packets)

Half Head Highlights - From £50.00

Half Head Highlights with Tint or Glossing - From £65.00

T-Section Highlights - From £40.00

T-Section with Tint or Glossing - From £55.00

(A T-Bar with a Full Head Glossing rather than partial will be charged at a higher rate)

Partial Colouring Techniques - From £20.00

Full Head Tint - From £45.00

Tint Regrowth - From £35.00

Full Head Natural Glossing - From £45.00

(Natural Glossing is a Semi-Permanent Colour Giving A High Shine)

Retouch Natural Glossing - From £30.00

Fashion Techniques - From £20.00 - £90.00

(A rough price can be offered via telephone , email or contact page)

Colour Correction - Light to Dark - From £40.00 - £95.00

Colour Correction - Dark to Light - From £60 - £140.00

Extreme Colour Correction - By Quotation

(Colour corrections can often be simple problems such as a colour imbalance or an issue with shade. Taking the hair from a tinted dark to light requires more time and patience and from time to time there will be a real disaster to fix! It is the variation of colour problems that account for marked differences in price.)

Afro and Mixed Hairdressing

Full Head Relaxer - From £60.00

Regrowth Relaxer - From £40.00

Please note that services offered outside of Crawley’s 10 mile radius will have a travel fee added to price. 

Jeana Gooden Hair Designs is a Horsham based freelance hairdresser, and covers; Brighton mobile hairdresser, Horsham mobile hairdresser, Crawley mobile hairdresser, Horley mobile hairdresser, Gatwick mobile hairdresser, Southwater mobile hairdresser, West Sussex mobile hairdresser, Surrey mobile hairdresser. Horsham afro hairdresser, Crawley afro hairdresser. Brighton afro hairdresser. Horley afro hairdresser, Gatwick afro hairdresser, Southwater afro hairdresser, West Sussex afro hairdresser, Surrey afro hairdresser.